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Li, K. Self-similar chain of metal nanospheres as an efficient nanolens.


Novotny, L. Effective wavelength scaling for optical antennas. Bryant, G. Mapping the plasmon resonances of metallic nanoantennas. Nano Lett. Ditlbacher, H. Silver nanowires as surface plasmon resonators. Slow-plasmon resonant nanostructures: Scattering and field enhancements. B 75 , Metal nano-strip optical resonators.

Express 15 , — Barnard, E. Spectral properties of plasmonic resonator antennas. Express 16 , — Miyazaki, H. Squeezing visible light waves into a 3-nm-thick and nm-long plasmon cavity. Thio, T. Enhanced light transmission through a single subwavelength aperture. Efficiency of local light-plasmon coupling. Schuck, P. Improving the mismatch between light and nanoscale objects with gold bowtie nanoantennas. Gersten, J. Electromagnetic theory of enhanced Raman scattering by molecules adsorbed on rough surfaces. Nanofocusing of optical energy in tapered plasmonic waveguides.

Verhagen, E.

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Nanowire plasmon excitation by adiabatic mode transformation. Bethe, H.

Theory of diffraction by small holes. Shi, X. Mechanisms for enhancing power throughput from planar nano-apertures for near-field optical data storage. Theory of nanometric optical tweezers Phys. Challener, W. Heat-assisted magnetic recording by a near-field transducer with efficient optical energy transfer.

Nature Photon. Srituravanich, W. Flying plasmonic lens in the near-field for high-speed nanolithography. Nature Nanotech. Huber, A.

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Terahertz near-field nanoscopy of mobile carriers in single semiconductor nanodevices. Hartschuh, A. High-resolution near-field Raman microscopy of single-walled carbon nanotubes. Frey, H. High-resolution imaging of single fluorescent molecules with the optical near-field of a metal tip.

Kalkbrenner, T. A single gold particle as a probe for apertureless scanning near-field optical microscopy. Farahani, J. Single quantum dot coupled to a scanning optical antenna: A tunable superemitter. Taminiau, T. Barwicz, T. Silicon photonics for compact, energy-efficient interconnects [Invited]. White, J. Extra-ordinary optical absorption through sub-wavelength slits. Ishi, T. Si nano-photodiode with a surface plasmon antenna.

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Tang, L. Nanometre-scale germanium photodetector enhanced by a near-infrared dipole antenna. Organic diodes as monolithically integrated surface plasmon polariton detectors.

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Neutens, P. Electrical detection of confined gap plasmons in metal-insulator-metal waveguides. Ly-Gagnon, D. Characteristic impedance model for plasmonic metal slot waveguides. IEEE J. Quantum Electron. Laux, E. Plasmonic photon sorters for spectral and polarimetric imaging. Nikolajsen, T. Surface plasmon polariton modulators and switches operating at telecom wavelengths. Cai, W. High-speed and power-efficient electrooptic plasmonic modulators.

Krasavin, A. Dintinger, J.

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Terahertz all-optical molecule-plasmon modulation. Pacifici, D. All-optical modulation by plasmonic excitation of CdSe quantum dots. Pala, R.

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A nonvolatile plasmonic switch employing photochromic molecules. Dicken, M. Electrooptic modulation in thin film barium titanate plasmonic interferometers. MacDonald, K.

Reviews in plasmonics 2010

Ultrafast active plasmonics. Shen, Y.

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Optical bistability in metal gap waveguide nanocavities. Green, M. Recent developments in photovoltaics. Sol Energy 76 , 3—8 Atwater, H.